Gama Aviation is first to fly Infant Safety Seat.

Monday 17th December 2012

Gama Group, the global business aviation services provider, today announced enhanced safety standards for customers flying with infants and young children, with the introduction into service of the Gama Infant Safety Seat across its Bombardier Challenger aircraft fleet.

Gama Aviation, a Gama Group company, announced today that its Bombardier Challenger aircraft fleet are the first corporate jet aircraft worldwide to be equipped with the fully certified Gama Infant Safety Seat. The seats will be available free of charge for use by charter clients.

The Gama Infant Safety Seat which is manufactured by Gama Engineering Ltd (Fairoaks, UK) a Gama Group company, is already in service with long haul airlines Virgin Atlantic and Cathay Pacific. The Gama Infant Safety Seat is the world's first child seat certificated for taxi, take-offs and landings on numerous business jet marques. It is anticipated that it will be well received by those looking to ensure the comfort and safety of younger passengers flying on executive aircraft.

The seat is designed to enhance the in-flight experience for both toddlers and their parents. Children no longer have to sit on parents' laps, ensuring a more relaxed, less stressful and safer travelling experience. The Gama Infant Safety Seat has been designed to fit seamlessly with all the new aircraft seat design trends and can be tailored to individual corporate jet aircraft owners and operators bespoke interior schemes.

The new seat is compliant with the requirements of TSO-C100b and is approved for installation under EASA STC's for carriage on numerous commercial Airbus and Boeing aircraft. In addition it is now available for a wide range of corporate jet operators, including aircraft manufactured by Bombardier, Dassault, Embraer and Gulfstream.

  • About Gama Group:

Gama is a global business aviation services organization, founded in 1983 in the UK by Marwan Khalek and Stephen Wright.

Gama employs over 400 personnel and operates more than 80 business aircraft around the globe and over 30 operating bases across Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East.

Gama Group is headquartered at Farnborough Airport in the UK, with its American headquarters in Stratford, CT, its Middle East and North Africa headquarters at Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates and its Asian headquarters in Hong Kong.

The group's companies and affiliates hold EU-OPS, FAA Part 135 and UAE GCAA Charter Certificates, EASA, FAA and GCAA Part 145 Maintenance Approvals, EASA Part 21 Design and Manufacture Approvals and offer business aircraft charter, management, FBO, maintenance, valeting and aviation software services.

Recent expansion of services have included the exclusive provision of executive aircraft FBO and maintenance services at Sharjah International Airport, UAE and the establishment of Gama Engineering Ltd, affording fixed and rotor wing aircraft operators a comprehensive design, manufacturing, certification, maintenance, repair, overhaul and modification service at Fairoaks Airport, UK. Gama's most recent acquisition Ronaldson Airmotive is fully EASA Part 145 certified for the provision of engine and component overhaul services.

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