Savback Helicopters debuts at AERO Friedrichshafen with newly won Swedish certification for Konner’s ultra-light K1-S19 helicopter

Thursday 18th April 2024

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Savback Helicopters, the independent helicopter and fixed-wing sales specialist and exclusive sales distributor of the Konner family of helicopters in seven countries, is making its debut at the 30th edition of AERO Friedrichshafen, Europe’s leading general aviation show (April 17 to 20).  Hall/Stand No A7-203 .    The Sweden-based brokerage is also taking the opportunity to court customer interest for a brand-new Airbus Helicopters’ H160 medium utility helicopter and a light utility H125, both in its inventory.

Savback’s participation at the Show coincides with Sweden’s Civil Aviation Authority awarding certification for Konner’s K1-S19 turbine helicopter - in the ultra-light regulations category (under 600kg MTOW).  Significantly, the helicopter’s 250 shp turbine engine is complemented by a 100 shp electric motor. Sweden joins Finland, Germany and the OEM’s home country of Italy, in approving operations in this helicopter class.   Accreditation work is now advancing for Norway and Denmark and Savback is confident of achieving this in the next few months. 

Konner Helicopters, returning to the Show (Hall/Stand No B5-301) has evolved the design of its ultra-light rotor wing aircraft with the introduction of its cutting edge ‘HAS’ Hybrid Assistance System, which  engages an additional electric engine in the event of rotor speed loss, ensuring continued operation at 100% power.  The design eliminates the risk associated with the traditional ‘Dead Man’s Curve’ for the pilot – delivering an unrivalled safety feature. 

“We are delighted with how country certification is progressing for these remarkable helicopters.  This internationally revered Show is the ideal showcase as we step up our marketing efforts,” said Savback CEO and founder Michael Savbä ck.  Michael heads a team of four participating in Friedrichshafen, alongside Tomasz Kępczyński, Contract and Compliance Director; Axel Mård, Sales & Marketing Coordinator and Kseniia Tsymbalii, Sales and Marketing Assistant.

Savback acquires K1-S19 demonstrator for demos

As the Exclusive Sales Representative across the Nordic region (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland) as well as the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, Savback took delivery of a K1-S19 at the end of March, which it is using as a sales demonstrator.  It has also recruited three licensed pilots in Sweden and Norway and identified flying schools in both Sweden and Norway.  Additionally, Savback has employed three skilled and experienced instructors and is educating technicians in every country.

Intended for private owner use with its prestige Italian interior design, Konner helicopters’ helicopter family is powered by the proprietary TK-250 turboshaft engine, running on diesel, biodiesel, JP-1, or JP-4 fuel options.  It features full FADEC (full authority digital engine control) to automatically manage the engine functionality, giving peace of mind for the pilot. The TK-250 has been designed for fixed and rotary-wing markets in such a way that it could be used by either, with few modifications and software setup.  It is the only helicopter in its class to offer the ‘HAS’, complemented with crashworthy fuel system and crashworthy seats.

K3 Anfibio amphibious helicopter update

Savback is also helping Konner seek out prospective customer interest in the Italian OEM’s K3 Anfibio amphibious helicopter – the first of its kind programme designed to redefine the boundaries between air and water.  Using the powerful TK-250 turbine, its hybrid system and carbon fibre body, the K3 is being designed to land and take off from water.  The Konner K3 Anfibio, announced at AERO Friedrichshafen 2022,  redefines the future of flight, introducing unprecedented versatility to aerial and aquatic exploration. 

Konner K1-S19:   The Konner K1-S19 is a two-seat helicopter powered by the Konner TK-250 turboshaft engine, rated at 250shp. With a carbon fibre fuselage, the K1-S19 has a three-blade semi-articulated composite main rotor with a bearingless head. Keeping within the ultralight category, the K1-S19 has a maximum take-off weight of 1323lb (600kg), and an empty weight of 771lb (350kg). A 150-litre fuel capacity, and a cruise speed of 115kts (132.3mph) gives the K1-S19 a maximum range of 259nm (480 km).

Konner K2  : The Konner four-seat K2 model is powered by a 270shp version of the same TK-250 engine. It features a four-blade semi-articulated main rotor system with composite blades and a bearingless head. Cruising at 130 kts (150 mph), an impressive range of 325 nm (602 Km) is achieved. Similar to the K1-S19, the K2 also features a carbon fibre fuselage.

Caption: Konner Helicopters' K1-S19.

Sweden is the latest regulator to

award certification in the ultra-light

helicopter category. 

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About Savback Helicopters

Savback Helicopters AB is a trusted, international and independent vendor of new and pre-owned aircraft. These core offerings are underpinned by expert aircraft buying & selling services and consultancy. Over the last two decades Savback has successfully garnered a wide international customer base supplying aircraft to a discerning client base all over the world. Since 1990, the company has sold over 900 helicopters, providing many satisfied private, public and commercial clients. With customer care as their guiding principle, they are now working on several exciting new initiatives that they believe will revolutionise the aviation market.

About Konner Helicopters

Konner is based in Amaro, in the Italian province of Udine, 25 miles north of the provincial capital. The company was founded in 2002 by Sergio Bortoluz, whose vision was to create both the TK250 engine and the helicopters themselves.  There are 40 Konner helicopters operational today, and these are being flown in Italy, Germany, Latvia, Poland, Chile, Australia and Russia. 

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