Introducing Resilient Aviation - the new comms e-zine

Thursday 2nd April 2020

With countries around the world in lockdown amid the widespread escalation of the coronavirus pandemic, we find ourselves in unsettling times. 

​Aircraft are grounded, airfields and airports temporarily closing, people are being furloughed, uncertainty abounds. The usual gatherings, press briefings, conferences, shows and exhibitions are either cancelled or postponed (over 105 have gone from the 2020 calendar so far) and we don’t know how many weeks, or months, it will be before we see each other again.  

During these unprecedented times, Emerald Media, with longevity in aviation communications, is pleased to be partnering with Tim Harlow at BlueSky to produce content dedicated to focusing on how our industry is rallying.  

Our new Resilient Aviation communications issues will run for a short time, interspersed with the usual BlueSky e-zine.

We will highlight and celebrate company and individual achievements and shine a light on the innovative thinking, resourcefulness and creativity that defines our sector. 

We will be an independent platform for journalists and communicators in the bizav, general and regional aviation community and will be pleased to welcome editorial contributions that demonstrate resourcefulness.  

The aim is to highlight how resilient the aviation industry and those working within it are, so please do send us your news and views.   

We hope this will grow to become a useful networking hub as we ready for the rebound, which for sure, will come.

The first issue will appear on Thursday, April 9  and it is supported by the new Twitter feed @ResilientAv.   Please follow us.

Keep safe, keep well, keep connected.

With thanks to partners Design Inc  and Parapex Media.


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