MSB to debut at Aircraft Interiors as it transfers expertise to commercial sector.

Monday 13th April 2015

  • MSB
  • MSB CCF Inserts protect fragile objects in flight.

Montreal, Canada-based precision engineering company MSB will be making its debut as an exhibitor at this year's Aircraft Interiors Expo being held in Hamburg from 14 - 16 April. This will also be the first time the company showcases its products and services to the aviation fraternity since its merger in November last year with France-based aerospace engineering and contracting company Sogeclair.

MSB will be co-exhibiting with Sogeclair GmbH, the German division of the French company on booth 6B90. Members of the management team will be talking up MSB's precision engineering capabilities and explaining to delegates how its technicians' skill sets add value to the commercial aviation expertise of Sogeclair.

MSB is already well known for the manufacture of Crystal, China and Flatware (CCF) inserts that protect fragile objects. Each insert is made of lightweight, but strong, precision-cut high-density foam that has been fully certified for aviation use. Meticulous attention is given to ensuring the foam is cut to match the contours, surface and shape of the fragile items, in addition to the exact dimensions of the cabinets and drawers where the objects will be stowed so ensuring full protection whilst in motion.

Initially produced for the business aviation sector MSB is now transferring its knowledge to create similar insert products for commercial aircraft. It has already begun creating inserts for the interiors of galley trolleys for upper class and VIP cabins. The business is planning to maximise its presence at Aircraft Interiors by showcasing the insert concept to the commercial aviation market, and explaining how it will convert the expertise to a larger scale for aircraft configured to offer corporate shuttle services.

"We recognize that we have developed a practical but stylish storage solution for business aviation, and following our merger with Sogeclair we can see there are more applications for the technology in the commercial sector. The relationship with Sogeclair gives us an immediate global footprint in this space and enables us to quickly build a network of new clients. Having a presence at AIX is the first step in that direction and we are excited by the possibilities," says Shannon Gill, Business Development Director of MSB. "Our joint presence perfectly exemplifies the value of bringing Sogeclair and MSB together," she adds.

About MSB Group:

Montreal-based MSB Group is formed of MSB Design, which from 2005 has provided a one-stop service for customized precision-engineered products to the business aviation sector. MSB Ressources Globales is an engineering contract company providing long term project specialists to the aerospace industry.

The company know-how is driven by the concepts of quality, integrity and achievement which has earned it a reputation for paying careful attention to details. MSB has developed leading-edge expertise in this highly specialized sector.

MSB Design has three defined product lines. Crystal, China & Flatware inserts (CCF), Single pedestal Hi-Lo conference tables and a ready to assemble customized cabinet kit. Whilst MSB Ressouces Globales provides over 120 specialised engineers to the aviation sector.

Customers include leading OEMs including Bombardier with whom it has worked since inception and more recently Embraer and Gulfstream. It provides products to the international sector and is dedicated to living up to its reputation for reliability, quality, and innovation.

About Sogeclair:

Sogeclair is an Aerospace sector provider offering specialist services (75%) and products (25%) in the areas of Aerospace, Simulation and Mission Vehicles. It employs more than 1,400 people with offices in seven countries and conducts business in more than 19 countries.

The Aerospace Division as part of Sogeclair is a major partner in engineering and a prime contractor for the aerospace industry for each and all of its domains of expertise and product line.

The Aerospace Division of Sogeclair comes in various forms, quality consultancy and management in the areas of:

-      Aerostructure

-      System installation

-      Configuration and product data management

-      Manufacturing engineering

-      Equipment

The Aerospace Division offers solutions from development through to overall project management

The Aerospace Division controls R&D, project management, industrial co-operations programs, industrialisation, integration, certification, and process.

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