EAN launches Wings In-Flight.

Tuesday 26th June 2012

EAN launches Wings In-Flight, the only dedicated executive in-flight catering service at Lagos' Murtala Mohammed International Airport.

Lagos-based Evergreen Apple Nigeria, EAN, has launched the first and only dedicated executive in-flight catering service at Lagos' Murtala Mohammed International Airport. EAN Catering Limited, a subsidiary of EAN, already manages Wings restaurant on the penthouse floor of its FBO at Lagos. The new product will be operated under the same brand and called Wings In-Flight.

The service has been developed in response to the increased business jet activity at the airport and the growing demand from the private jet community for good quality in-flight catering. In just two months the business has already developed a growing international customer base with 14 different private jets already ordering regularly, and others beginning to make requests. Clients include leading aviation names such as Vistajet, Avjet Corporation, Hangar 8 and Elit'Avia.

Until the launch the majority of private jet catering had to be sourced from local business hotels. The new dedicated service enables aircraft crew to place orders for fresh, top quality cuisine 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, directly at the airport. The dishes, which ideally should be ordered 24 hours in advance, are prepared onsite in the Wings facility at the parent company's FBO, the EAN Hangar Jet Centre.

The team has been fully airside trained consequently food can be delivered directly from the Wings kitchen to the aircraft galley in a matter of minutes so conserving taste, freshness and presentation. For last minute orders, as long as the restaurant is open, which it is from 08.00 to 22.00, food from the existing Wings restaurant menu can be provided.

The in-flight catering menu has been created by renowned chef Bilal Jamal Eddine who is Executive Chef of Wings Restaurant. Chef Bilal's heritage includes heading kitchen teams in leading restaurants in Romania, South Africa and in Kazakhstan where he worked for the Kazakhstan Catering Company providing catering services for the demanding oil industry both on and off shore. He joined EAN Catering following three years working as Executive Chef and Manager at one of the top restaurants in Lagos, Nigeria.

Wings restaurant itself offers four dining concepts - Continental, Sushi, Coffee shop and Bar - and the in-flight menu mirrors these choices by providing everything from light breakfasts through to three course meals. The cosmopolitan selection features a range of international cuisine from grilled meats and fish through to Thai flavours, Italian dishes and Wings' specialty, Sushi. Chef Bilal's international team will also create bespoke menus for passenger's specific tastes, requirements and dietary restrictions.

"The Nigerian business jet market has seen considerable growth over the last few years and with the increased number of flights the demand is greater for premium services. There was a lack of choice for inflight catering as whilst business hotels produce great food, they don't necessarily have the experience of the airside logistics that EAN can offer. Consequently we decided to make a considerable investment into Wings restaurant and have used that as the launch platform for Wings in-flight catering," says Chef Bilal about the new service. "We are aiming to provide superior food at competitive pricing as we recognise that superior catering makes such a difference to a passenger's in-flight experience," Bilal concludes.


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