Alison Price On Air is on starters blocks for Olympics catering.

Wednesday 30th May 2012

Alison Price On Air is on starters blocks for Olympics catering.In response to securing a number of Olympic sponsor's executive flight catering orders, and in anticipation of the spike in summer activity, award winning Alison Price on Air is already expanding resources to manage Olympic activity.

Managing Director Daniel Hulme has begun to implement a set of initiatives to ensure the company's quality and brand is protected, whilst offering the best in executive aircraft catering.

Hulme is bringing an additional ten chefs to the kitchen, adding eight drivers to the team and will employ two extra staff to manage the additional office admin. On the road there will be eight more drivers working shifts with four extra delivery vans. Hulme has even purchased a motorbike with specially designed refrigerated units to ensure ease of access through London. With congestion expected to be a major problem Hulme is also arranging satellite kitchens at a number of key airports and is planning to position airside fridges at the busiest locations. In addition, the company has undergone the rigorous security and safety tests to win Department for Transport clearance at London's busiest executive aviation airports for an additional 30 staff. The London facilities even feature a secure fridge that only those with clearance can utilise.

A dedicated new Olympics menu has also been specifically designed for the event. "We have spent three months designing a menu that can be created with speed whilst retaining our world famous quality. For orders placed with less than twenty four hours' notice we have reduced the menu size to make it workable, but it still features a number of our firm favourites such as the most requested Salad Nicoise." With orders already secured from key games sponsors Hulme is now urging clients who have booked slots during the Olympics to secure catering requirements early. "In order to protect our brand and maintain quality, we will be restricting the number of orders we take so we are asking clients to book as soon as they have confirmed slots to avoid disappointment."

Alison Price on Air anticipates that their busiest days will be those following the opening and closing ceremonies as well as those following the most prestigious medal events such as the 100 metre sprint final. Hulme explains that clients are being advised to provide Alison Price On Air with at least 48 hours' notice prior to their flight to guarantee their order, and to allow an extended delivery window of up to two hours. For the duration of the Olympic operating period (July 25th 2012 - August 17th 2012) and the Para-Olympic games (August 26th - September 14th) the company will be running a 24 hour operation.

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