Ultra Electronics, Controls: (“Controls” or “Ultra”)

Monday 23rd April 2012

Controls joins Boeing's 'Dream Tour' at London Heathrow.

Ultra Electronics, Controls, based in Greenford, UK, joined Boeing at London's Heathrow Airport today (23 April) for the latest stop of the 787 Dreamliner aircraft's worldwide 'Dream Tour.' The 787 is currently travelling the globe to allow Boeing's partners and customers to experience the revolutionary technology and passenger innovation on board the aircraft.

Controls is partnered with GKN Aerospace for the design, manufacture and delivery of the innovative Wing Ice Protection System on the 787, the first of its kind solution for wing de-icing. To save weight and to make the aircraft more fuel efficient, Boeing decided to incorporate a pioneering system that used electrically powered heater mats to provide ice protection of the wings. By teaming with GKN Aerospace, Ultra was able to work with Boeing to provide such a system.

Kim Wrighton, Managing Director of Controls, commented:

"Ultra, together with our teaming partner GKN Aerospace, is proud to be the supplier of the innovative ice protection system for the 787 wings. We are equally proud to say that we are the only company in the world to have an electro-thermal ice protection system certified for use on a large passenger jet. We look forward to working with Boeing as the 787 production rate increases and to supporting the aircraft in service in the years ahead."

Photo Caption: Left to right - Ben Massey, 787 Account Manager; Nigel Bowers, Marketing Director, both Ultra Electronics Controls; Tom Caster, Communications Manager, Ultra Electronics.


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