eyelevel takes airline trolleys to new heights with Cartmax.

Monday 16th April 2012

New product aims to maximise in-flight sales.

eyelevel, the UK-based leading supplier of luxury products to private jets and luxury airlines, is now eyeing the commercial airline market and has launched Cartmax.

An innovative airline retail unit, the product is designed to maximise the opportunity for ancillary sales on commercial airlines. Cartmax has been developed by Matthew Delamere, MD of eyelevel, and is provided as a flat packed, fold-out, recycled, cardboard unit that sits within the deep tray compartment of an airline trolley. It aims to provide an attractive point of sale proposition utilising colourful branding options on the exterior panels which will support flight attendants sales activity.

Matthew also runs sister company Croft Display which focuses on designing and manufacturing point of sale display equipment for blue chip retail companies. Matthew has used experience from this business to develop Cartmax over the last eight months. He is already receiving serious interest from leading international carriers who can see the potential for improved ancillary revenues.

"People buy with their eyes and retail in general has always provided strong points of sales for their goods. You'd never see a supermarket display products without graphics to attract attention, and Cartmax simply takes this proposition and puts it on aircraft," says Matthew explaining the roots of the idea. The product provides a number of options for airlines to increase revenue.

Cartmax can be used as an advertising medium enabling the airline to sell the "space" to outside sponsors for periods of time; it can be utilised as a medium for the airline to promote offers on board such as menus of new café ranges; alternatively airlines can make carts more relevant by having the images changed according to the time of year eg during Christmas or major sporting events so encouraging the sales of corresponding items; and for passengers using earphones for inflight entertainment it can help clearly distinguish between food and inflight sales service.

The simplicity of the unit means that airlines do not have to adapt their existing trolleys as the cardboard module fits into a standard deep tray, nor does it need extra storage space as it becomes part of the trolley cart. Made of cardboard it is very light so airlines will not incur any noticeable extra weight. "We've aimed to create a product that serves a variety of purposes. Airlines can increase revenues in a number of ways at a cost-effective price, it should make flight attendant's jobs easier, and it will improve the aesthetics of the cabin with its colourful displays," comments Matthew on the benefits of Cartmax.

A number of airlines are already considering trials and Matthew is aiming for initial on board tests to begin in May. UK airline Flybe has already seen the product and is currently reviewing the potential. Raymond Kiersey, General Manager of Inflight Sales at Flybe commented, "Airlines are always looking at means of developing ancillary revenue and it seems that Cartmax could offer great potential for increased revenues which is why we're reviewing trials."

To protect the new idea and design Patents have already been awarded in the UK and Europe and Delamere is currently exploring patent process in the Americas.

About eyelevel media:

eyelevel is a privately owned business specialising in supplying VIP airlines and private jet operators with luxury items to enhance the passengers flying experience. eyelevel works with a number of the world's leading high value brands to provide amenity bags, comfort packs, sleep suits, bespoke linens, soft furnishing and other bespoke items.

The aviation business, eyelevel media, was established in 2006. Customers for eyelevel now include private jet operators, event companies, and VIP airlines.


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