London Oxford Airport welcomes Fly Vectra, the UK’s newest business aviation operator.

Wednesday 22nd February 2012

Fly Vectra, the UK's newest business aviation charter operator, has just set up home at London Oxford Airport.

The company obtained its Air Operator's Certificate in early February, within six months of applying to the UK CAA, achieving a 'compliance plus' rating. Initially offering a Cessna Citation Excel for third party charter, the seven-seat jet will be joined by two brand new aircraft, a eight seat Cessna XLS+ with Wifi, due to arrive by May this year and a Latitude, Cessna's newest, mid-size 2,300 nm range model, scheduled to make its debut in 2015. Fly Vectra will be the first UK operator of this type.

Fly Vectra, headed by CEO Captain Edward Noel, is owned by The Vectra Group of India, which in mid-2011 determined its wish to enter into aircraft operations and management in the UK in its own right, two and a half years after having the Excel (G-VECT) managed by a third party, independent operator. Edward worked with Vectra's owner as the lead Captain for three and a half years.

"We are delighted to welcome Fly Vectra to Oxford - our seventh AOC operation offering aircraft for charter," said London Oxford Airport Business Development Director James Dillon-Godfray. Being under 10 tonnes, the aircraft will rarely need to be screened in Europe making for easier, stress free business jet operations at most airports around Europe, he noted. (Fly Vectra also offers a specialised security protection service using ex Special Forces officers, when such support is deemed necessary for high profile clientele and dignitaries.)

"We selected London Oxford Airport as our base for a number of reasons," said Edward Noel. "Its owners are constantly investing in its facilities, including new hangars and offices; it has seen its business aviation activity increase significantly over the years, it has a strong network of business aviation tenants and is pro-active with its marketing/PR."

Edward is no stranger to Oxford either. He completed his pilot training at the airport with Oxford Aviation Academy in 2000 and took his first job there as an aircraft refueller. Prior to helping set up Fly Vectra, he flew for a number of operators flying the CJ2, King Air, Boeing 737 and the Piaggio Avanti for Ferrari in Italy.

Fly Vectra is owned by The Vectra Group, a collection of diverse companies operating in various business domains across the world. The core businesses of the US$800 million Vectra Group are aviation, engineering, material handling and construction equipment, automotive, real estate, information technology, and the services sector. The operations of Vectra Group are primarily in India and Eastern Europe, spanning more than 18 companies, with eight manufacturing facilities in four countries (India, the UK, Czech Republic, and Slovakia). In addition, Vectra Group has offices or investments in France, Russia, and Singapore.

Photo lineup: Left to right - Natasha Noel, First Officer; Richard Moritz, Ground Operations Manager; Captain Colin Brooks, Head of Training; Edward Noel, CEO and Director Flight Operations and Ben Howard, Flight Safety Officer.

About London Oxford Airport:

London Oxford Airport continued to see its business aviation traffic grow throughout 2011. The airport now supports around 6,000 business aircraft movements a year (15% of Oxford's overall aviation activity). As 2011 closed, growth was up 12.2% compared with the previous year, according to independent analysis by EuroControl. This increase ranks Oxford fifth in the UK for business aviation activity at civil airports, ahead of London Stansted Airport.

London Oxford Airport is wholly owned by the Reuben Brothers. Their investment activities include private equity, real estate ownership and development, which are predominantly based in the United Kingdom and Europe. Businesses include shopping centres, mixed use commercial real estate, data centres, race courses, public houses, hotels and other development projects.

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