Dagmar Grossmann uncovers the real truth about pilots in her new book - ‘Mythos Pilot’

Tuesday 1st November 2011

Dagmar Grossmann, experienced aviation professional, today launched her book entitled 'Mythos Pilot' (Oct 2011, Styria Books). Aimed at dispelling pilot myths, Grossmann and her co-author Judith Grohmann, an Austrian established author, interviewed over 300 pilots from the commercial, military, business aviation and general aviation sector in an effort to learn what makes pilots tick.

Do men or women make better pilots? How do they juggle family life given the upheaval and challenges of relocation?, are among themes addressed. In its nearly 280 pages, Mythos Pilot also explores the human factor; what pilots really think about some of the key issues they face, including how they may suddenly face a lack of confidence when flying; how they cope with advancing age and their opportunities for the future.

"I wanted to get inside their heads to find out what drives them," said Dagmar Grossmann. "Throughout my aviation career, I have frequently interviewed for new pilots. Finding good, well trained pilots and ensuring there are enough of them is a global concern. They are crucial to the success of any operator." Commenting on the inspiration for the book she observes that it takes a special kind of person to be a pilot, one addicted to adventure, freedom and to some extent, a gambler and a risk taker.

Renowned Formula 1 racing driver, experienced pilot and aviation entrepreneur, Niki Lauda was one pilot quoted in the book. "In my opinion, there are certain criteria to judge if a particular person is a good pilot, but one of the most important, besides respecting the responsibility, is the actual feeling for the aircraft. This you can see if the pilot is using just two fingers or the entire hand when touching the controls."

Bertrand Piccard, who made history recently with solar powered flight commented: "I cannot accept we are limited with earth, sky and ocean. For a human being there is a far more fascinating world to be explored, when one is free from mediocre dimensions."

Edwin Brenninkmeyer, Founder and CEO of UK-based Oriens Advisors, an experienced business and aerobatic pilot observed: "The safest and most seemingly quick-thinking pilots always expect the unexpected and have an alternative plan ready for any eventuality, in addition to their basic skills." He adds: "Dagmar Grossmann, with a sound 30 years in the aviation business trains pilots to think like this which gives them an edge and makes them safer. Mythos Pilot is an excellent must read for all pilots, would-be pilots, for those involved in hiring pilots and anyone interested or involved in the aviation industry."

Mythos Pilot will be published in German on November 4th in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and will be available in hardcover, online at www.amazon.co.uk (ISBN-10: 3854852932) retailing at €19.90. An English language version is planned for the near future.

About the author:

Dagmar Grossmann is a highly experienced aviation professional with expertise in the areas of consultation, aircraft management, recruitment, marketing, communication, operations management and sales in an international environment. She founded Grossmann Jet Service in the Czech Republic in 2004. Operating out of Prague's Ruzyne airport, it has become the leading business aviation operator in the Central European region.

Dagmar Grossmann launched business aviation platform CEPA (Central Europe Private Aviation) in 2009, which supports the development of business aviation in the Central European Region followed by the launch of business aviation association SOPA (South East Europe Private Aviation) in 2010 which supports the development of business aviation in South East Europe.

In 2010, Dagmar was named one of the Top 10 Leaders of European Business Aviation at EBACE 2010 by Aviation Week Show News. In 2001, she was ranked the 10th most successful Austrian woman in business by WQ magazine.

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