Alison Price On Air marks successful first year revolutionising aviation catering.

Wednesday 27th April 2011

Alison Price On Air, the London-based in-flight division of elite catering firm Alison Price and Company, is celebrating a successful first 12 months with the launch of a new menu featuring fresh summer dishes utilising their unique fine dining system tailored for the aviation industry.

The menu takes into account the rigorous health and safety standards required for private aviation, as well as the inherent challenges faced; such as dehydration, altitude and retaining freshness all of which affect the quality of the food, and passengers' taste buds. "All our dishes are extremely considered," comments Executive Chef Richard Cubbin: "We try to make everything in house; when specialist food is required, such as sushi and Arabic cuisine, we work with premier suppliers from London. We have to consider how the food travels, its longevity, how the different environments will affect its taste and texture, and the fact that as clients are often working while they fly in preparation for on the ground meetings, that this will probably be their main meal of the day."

Having launched in May 2010 the company has quickly developed an impressive list of aviation clientele including leading players in private jet charter such as Gama Aviation, ExecuJet, and Air Partner. "We've gone from zero to twenty clients in just under twelve months. Considering the economic landscape of the past year this speaks volumes for the level of food and service we provide," commented Daniel Hulme, Director of in-flight services.

Currently 75% of the business is represented by one to four hour European flights including many to Moscow. But looking to the future Hulme is exploring new geographical regions. With 25% of their business serving long haul transatlantic flights, APOA is focusing on the Americas with the assistance of Atlanta-based business Tastefully Yours Catering (TYC).

The 30 year old US company already features international major blue chip companies on their client list, and with their recommendations Alison Price on Air will be servicing TYC clients in the UK, and Tastefully Yours offering reciprocal service in the USA. "Alison Price provides an impeccable service," says Paula Kraft, Principal of Tastefully Yours Catering, "We all cater to the same clients, and we are constantly on the look out for new talent to refer our customers to while travelling abroad." For the FBO market Alison Price on Air is researching opportunities to provide in house restaurant services and aviation catering consultancy to new and existing clients.

Speaking about the success of their first year Hulme says: "Having reviewed what was on offer to the aviation market we saw an opportunity and set out to revolutionise the sector." Paul Milverton, Cabin Service Manager at Gama Aviation said about the selection of APOA as their preferred catering supplier. "We chose to work with them above others because their service is second to none, and their food is of a quality we hadn't seen before with in-flight catering."

Hulme will be attending this year's EBACE where he has been asked to join an inaugural symposium established to support flight attendants. The new committee will focus on the attendants needs and will bring together the best in class for those providing services such as catering, training services, passenger transport and luxury on board items. "Its an honour for us to have been asked to represent business aviation catering services and demonstrates just how quickly we have become an established and respected business in this field," says Hulme. "We already recognise the importance of supporting flight attendants and have devised an innovative system which details preparation instructions ensuring that even the most novice of flight attendants can present the cuisine like a five-star chef."

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