Elfly signs an LOI with Lofoten (Green Islands) to pursue zero-emission aviation together - with ‘Noemi.’

Tuesday 19th December 2023

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  • Elfly signs an LOI with Lofoten (Green Islands) to pursue zero-emission aviation together

Elfly Group, developers of all-electric seaplane programme ‘Noemi’, (No Emissions) signed a Letter of Intent with the Lofoten Green Islands, a private-public partnership for sustainable development, in the Lofoten Archipelago in Arctic Norway on December 13.  The organisations have agreed to pursue the development of zero-emission regional aviation together.   The contract was signed in Lofoten for contributing parties Lofotkraft, Destination Lofoten and the Lofoten Council, on behalf of the six Lofoten municipalities - Røst, Værøy, Moskenes, Flakstad, Vestvågøy and Vågan.


The group recognises that Elfly's ambitions can contribute to Norway achieving its stated goals for domestic aviation to be emission-free by 2040 and that Elfly can help Lofoten become a pilot region for zero-emission aviation.


Lofoten is an early mover embracing the UN’s climate goals under its roadmap for the Lofoten Green Islands.  Its sustainability programme was launched in February 2022 under a partnership between the Lofoten Council, Lofotkraft and Destination Lofoten.


"We are very proud to have the Lofoten Regional Council on board with us on this journey, as we work to develop a product which suits their needs in the region, supporting travel and tourism, but also addressing the local transport needs for Lofoten inhabitants. This agreement shows that with our electric seaplane concept we meet that need, and that we have interested customers. Seaplanes will return!," says Eric Lithun, CEO and founder, Elfly Group.


The head of the Lofoten Regional Council Vidar Thom Benjaminsen is enthusiastic about electric aviation, even to participate in the first trips with Elfly’s electric seaplane.


Lofoten Municipalities agree:


“Lofoten is a spectacular but demanding geographical area, where ground transport takes a long time.  An electric aircraft capable of landing on water in a safe and good way, affordably priced, will be very good for Lofoten. We can travel from Svolvær to Reine in less than half an hour and make much better connections with larger regional centres.” - Mayor of Vågan municipality and head of the Lofoten Regional Council Vidar Thom Benjaminsen.


"Electric seaplanes with boat hulls and good stability, can add exciting new travel opportunities within Lofoten.  Our fishing villages can be connected by seaplane from port to port and they can help open new business opportunities for Reine, our most popular and iconic destination.” - Hanna Sverdrup, Mayor of Moskenes.


"With ambitions to be a pilot region for emission-free aviation, this collaboration gives Lofoten valuable exposure in global arenas.  Here we demonstrate Lofoten is ahead of the curve embracing future-oriented technological developments in aviation.” Jonny Finstad, Mayor of Vestvågø.


"For the outermost islands such as Værøy and Røst, Elfly can offer completely new travel concepts to and from Bodø and our neighbouring municipalities in Lofoten.”  Elisabeth Mikalsen, Mayor of Røst


“The electric seaplane will be especially interesting for the Island municipality of Værøy, which is served by helicopter routes, twice daily to the regional surroundings and mainland.” Susan Berg Kristiansen, Mayor of Værøy.


"At Lofotkraft, we are in the process of expanding power and charging solutions in the ports of Lofoten, and look forward to working with Elfly," added Arnt M. Winther, CEO of Lofotkraft.



The six Mayors of Lofoten - L to R:   Einar Benjaminsen, Elisabeth Mikalsen, Vidar Thom Benjaminsen,  Hanna Sverdrup, Jonny Finstad and Susan Berg Kristiansen.


About Elfly


The Elfly Group, established in Bergen, Norway in 2018, aims to bring environmentally friendly aviation to Norway initially and then to the rest of the world. Its leading programme is a modern-day amphibious aircraft with batteries and two electric engines, inspired by the venerable de Havilland Twin Otter and Grumman’s Mallard. Called ‘Noemi’ (No Emissions), its seaplane is designed for 200-km. air journeys.   The prototype (experimental version) of Noemi is being readied for flight in 2026. It will have an unpressurized cabin and be powered by two electric motors with up to 1MW combined output.


Its design is part of a research project, funded by private investors and the Research Council of Norway (RCN).


The full-scale prototype is a project in collaboration with the Norwegian government with funding from Enova SF.


Elfly is working to obtain certification for its test vehicle to CS23 Level 4, which will enable the aircraft to evolve up to a 19-seat seaplane. Initially, it will be offered as a business/executive cabin with nine seats, plus luggage; complemented by a VIP layout with six seats. A tourist pleasure flight model with 13 seats, minus baggage, will also be offered.  In a nod to its flexible functionality,  cargo and medevac versions are planned.


For more information, visit www.el-fly.no


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