SETOps in Europe – valuable pathfinders to next gen models? AERO Friedrichshafen 2023 looks at how the market has advanced

Friday 14th April 2023

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SETOps (Single Engine Turboprop Operations Conference) will take place on Friday, 21 April 2023, integrated within AERO Friedrichshafen, Germany, the premier European trade show for general aviation.  


It’s been six years since a dedicated conference aired on this vibrant sector, and with a relaxing of regulations agreed in 2017 too, have opportunities for growth been fully realised? 


EASA’s long awaited decision to open up the possibility to operate single engine turbine aircraft commercially at night and in instrument meteorological conditions (CAT-SET-IMC) promised a major boost – coming after 20 long years of consideration and wrangling. 


A few new SET operators have emerged, but others that had operated for decades under national regimes have stopped operating.  Where are we today? 


How do we compare with other regions in the world?   Is Single Life so sweet?


Bruno Budim, former executive director and accountable manager of BenAir Norway, Europe’s pioneer and most experienced Cessna Caravan operator, and long-time ambassador and promoter of CAT-SET-IMC in Europe, will disclose the key findings of a GAMA and EBAA-backed SETOps’ Operators’ European survey.


Darrell Swanson, co-founder of UK AAM management consultancy EAMaven, will highlight the important pathfinding role SETops operators can play to help the challenging new world of Advanced Air Mobility.


With dedicated sessions on MRO and engine support, pilot supply and the need for close collaboration with small airports, SETOps2023, hosted by AERO organisers and sponsored by Pratt & Whitney, is a valuable addition to the Show’s expanded Conference programme.  


We will have speakers from leading players including Daher, Pilatus, Garmin, Oriens Aviation, Oysterair, Jetfly, AOPA Germany, Rheinland Air Services and Ampaire.  EASA will be represented on a panel with GAMA, EBAA and Daher. 


The SETOps Conference was first introduced in the UK by leading business aviation PR agency Emerald Media and now it’s supported by GAMA Europe with a foray into Europe.


“Over the past few years concern has been growing over regulations that continue to restrict the growth of commercial general aviation operations, which are also adversely impacted by threats of small airfield closures. SETOps can be a trailblazer for the sector to set the regulatory framework and get the access right for Europe,” said Kyle Martin, VP European Affairs, GAMA.  


If your business is involved in SETOps or it plans to be in the future this conference is for you. You can book here on this link:


SETOps events in 2016 and 2017 were previously hosted at London Oxford Airport and The Royal Aeronautical Society.

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