Savback signs distribution agreement with Mayman Aerospace - Will sell its Air Utility Vehicle ‘Speeder’ in the Nordic countries

Tuesday 5th July 2022

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  • Savback signs distribution agreement with Mayman Aerospace - Will sell its Air Utility Vehicle &lsqu

Savback Helicopters, the independent helicopter and fixed wing sales specialist, is pleased to announce a new sales representation agreement with Mayman Aerospace,  the US-based manufacturer of the innovative Speeder, Air Utility Vehicle (AUV).    The deal, effective immediately, will see the Sweden-based company market and distribute the compact, high-speed, eight-turbine, heavy-lift vertical takeoff and landing (HSVTOL) aircraft, exclusively in the Nordic countries.


Speeder in forest firefighting role

Speeder Prototype

Savback will be targeting defence, forestry, oil and gas, and civil applications for Mayman Aerospace, a newly introduced brand of JetPack Aviation Corporation.   


Savback sales representatives Michael Savback, Fredrik Bergman in Sweden and Stephen Mitchell in the UK will be leading sales and marketing efforts. When serial production starts Savback also intends to acquire a demonstrator of its own.


Speeder is currently in advanced development, aiming to begin US  FAA certification by Q4 2024, and begin series production for civil applications once certified.


Savback founder Michael Savback has known Mayman Aerospace’s founder and CEO  David Mayman,  for many years, with the relationship starting as vendor and customer, and is thrilled to get the opportunity to work with him and the Mayman Aerospace team.


"We are hugely excited to begin marketing the Speeder aircraft,” noted Savback CEO Reja Savback. " Its projected manoeuvrability, high speed and heavy payload capabilities means Speeder is going to be very attractive for customers looking to fulfil complex missions, far beyond the reach of conventional helicopters.   The option to remotely pilot, or even autonomously pilot, further strengthens its complementary value to our  existing portfolio of aviation products. We are looking forward to hosting  a series of presentations for prospective customers,” she added.


David Mayman commented: “The agreement with Savback adds an experienced, knowledgeable distributor to our group and we are extremely pleased that Michael and his team will be representing us in a region where the terrain, weather and missions will be very well served by Speeder.   We very much look forward to delivering our first Speeder to a Savback customer.”


About Savback Helicopters


Savback Helicopters is a trusted, international and independent vendor of new and pre-owned helicopters. These core offerings are underpinned by expert helicopter buying and selling services and consultancy. Over the last two decades Savback has successfully garnered a wide international customer base supplying helicopters to a discerning client base all over the world. Since 1990, it has sold over 900 helicopters, providing many satisfied private, public and commercial clients.


Contact: Reja Savbäck, Chief Executive Officer  

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Alison Chambers

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About Mayman Aerospace


Mayman Aerospace, a JetPack Aviation Corporation brand, is developing the Speeder Air Utility Vehicle for Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) applications. 


The company’s Speeder engineering is fundamentally changing the way designers and customers think about VTOL flight. New and never-before-imagined applications are rapidly emerging for this disruptive technology.


Speeders are compact, about the size of large motorcycles;  fast, meeting speeds of up to 500mph in cargo mode; powerful, can lift up to 1000 lbs; long-range with flights of up to 300nm possible;  and are operationally efficient and cost-effective. Deployed within minutes, Speeder can fly in autonomous, remote, or piloted configurations in challenging environments and weather, where other aircraft may be grounded. No other technology can claim all of these capabilities in one single aircraft.


Mayman Aerospace is working closely with the Federal Aviation Administration, the US Department of Defense and industry-leading companies in critical cargo (offshore energy), wildland firefighting (air tankers), and disaster recovery (critical supplies, search and rescue, and medevac) sectors.


A new era of high-performance VTOL flight is dawning, and Mayman Aerospace is leading the way with its Speeder Air Utility Vehicle.

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