Aerobility markets new aircraft type Grob G109B Able at AERO 2022

Monday 25th April 2022

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  • Aerobility markets new aircraft type Grob G109B Able at AERO 2022

Aerobility, the UK’s leading aviation charity offering disabled people, without exception, the opportunity to fly, will be exhibiting at AERO 2022 in Friedrichshafen during April 27 to 30, 2022 (Stand  A5-129)  as it celebrates the first public display in Europe of its new aircraft type, the Grob G109B Able. The charity will be both operating the aircraft within its fleet, as well as marketing and selling this enhanced model commercially, in collaboration with Grob Aircraft SE and Southern Sailplanes in the UK.  Grob Aircraft SE will be supporting the aircraft’s debut in Germany.

Aerobility will be fielding a strong team at AERO, led by CEO Mike Miller-Smith MBE. “We look forward to presenting this impressive and versatile motorglider to prospective European buyers at AERO. With a proven design and the latest propulsion and avionics technology, not only is this a reliable fun aircraft, it is also sustainable and cost-effective – perfect for leisure owner pilots but also for gliding clubs and training organisations” said Mike Miller-Smith.

Sustainable Grob G109B – the ultimate aircraft recycling project

The Grob G109B is the ultimate repurposing project - bringing grounded military training Grob G109B motorgliders back to life for society’s benefit. With a complete airframe overhaul, state-of-the-art Garmin avionics and options, new Rotax engine and MT Propeller, the ‘Able’s’ performance and handling is radically enhanced, whilst the fuel consumption is significantly reduced.

The latest fuel injected Rotax 912 iSc fuel efficient engine is certified to run on sustainable vehicle fuel such as E10 resulting in lower carbon emissions. The glider design and MT hydraulic constant speed propeller also brings highly efficient operations.

This  updated and re-certified variant of the tried, tested and much loved Grob G109B and its military derivative The Vigilant makes for an exciting and sustainable way to take to the skies,”  adds Mike Miller-Smith.

David Pilkington, the first independent customer of the G109B, took delivery of the first aircraft last month and is now flying the aircraft out of Blackpool Airport in the UK.  “The G109B is a fantastic aeroplane for my needs, a competent comfortable touring aircraft with the engine on, and an easy to fly sailplane with good performance with the engine off.

Aubrey Waugh, Head of Customer Support and Services, Grob Aircraft SE, adds: “We are pleased to support and collaborate with Aerobility to return these iconic Grob aircraft to flight for the next generation to enjoy”

Supporting the aircraft’s debut at the show, Mike adds: “The Honor Roll of organisations which have facilitated and enabled this unique project is incredible, and many of these organisations are participating or visiting at Aero themselves including Rotax, MT-Propeller, Garmin, Kanardia, Hayward Aviation, and Close Brothers. AERO themselves have also been hugely supportive, donating our exhibition participation at the show”

“Aerobility exists to change lives through the magic of flight. We are very proud to present this new aircraft type which will deliver magic to its owners whilst also supporting disabled aviation. We only have a fixed amount of these aircraft to sell and we hope interest at AERO will be high .” He concludes.

We are delighted to welcome Aerobility at AERO Friedrichshafen 2022 and to present this very important topic of giving disabled people the opportunity to fly with such a innovative aircraft project.” says Roland Bosch Head of AERO. “The aircraft fits perfectly to our main topic of the 2022 edition which is sustainable aviation and our new AERO sustainable aviation trail.” adds Tobias Bretzel, Show Director AERO.

The aircraft flew directly from Aerobility’s HQ in Blackbushe, Surrey, UK by Aerobility Chief Instructor Mike Owen before positioning on display at AERO in Hall A5.

Please join  Join Mike Miller Smith, Thomas Brenner, Test Pilot and Head of Training, Grob Aircraft and first customer David Pilkington for a media briefing and showcase of the aircraft on the stand (A5-129) at AERO on Thursday 28 April at 2pm.

For more information on the aircraft including specifications, please visit the stand or contact



Aerobility's Grob G109B 'Able'; at its Blackbushe, UK HQ (right)


About Project Able

Project Able is a unique, award-winning and UK Government-backed programme, centred on upgrading 60 former military training aircraft and repurposing them for societal use, including disabled flying.

Project Able was formally launched last year.  Seeing an opportunity for a unique fleet type to teach more disabled people in the UK to fly, beyond the 1,000 students and veterans already engaged, Aerobility’s CEO Mike Miller-Smith proposed Aerobility could take on these aircraft, modify them working alongside aerospace partners; take a number itself and adapt them for disabled flyers.  The remaining aircraft it would put up for sale via the commercial market, including potentially working with an aircraft lessor on financing. The first private buyer was confirmed and took delivery just a few weeks ago. 

Mike Miller-Smith duly garnered support from a wealth of supporters, led by OEM Grob Aircraft SE. The overhauled and adapted airframes will help around 2,600 disabled people take to the skies yearly with Aerobility, says Mike, compared with the current 1,000 who receive training.

UK Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps, a private pilot himself, backed the initiative, highlighting the life changing opportunities and unrivalled confidence boost Aerobility offers disabled pilots.

“Aerobility’s ambition is to inspire a new generation of Grob pilots and encourage pilot training schools, gliding clubs, aviation enthusiasts and others to seriously consider purchasing a Grob G109B ‘Able’ aircraft.” Adds Mike.

Project Able is supported by a stellar team of advisors and sponsors including Hayward Aviation, NATS, Grob Aircraft SE, Southern Sailplanes, the UK Civil Aviation Authority, Garmin, CFS Aero, Brinkley Aerospace, Kanardia, Airborne Composites and Saywell International. PR partners are The Emerald Network.

About Aerobility 


Aerobility is a leading disabled flying charity based at Blackbushe Airport, Hampshire, UK.  Aerobility changes lives by providing anyone, with any disability with access to the magic and wonder of flight. It does this because taking the controls of an aircraft drives a focus on capability and encourages its flyers to ask the question ‘If I can fly an aeroplane, what else can I do?’ This makes everything else in life feel that little bit more achievable, whilst offering the ultimate feeling of freedom and escape from restrictions of disability. Flying with Aerobility can deliver increased life ambition, leading to improved life opportunity, driving many of our beneficiaries toward more independent and personally fulfilling lives. Aerobility represents the needs of those living with disability in to aviation and is recognised as the leading expert in disabled flying.

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