Savback Helicopters and GHT close to ‘unveiling’ evolved ultralight helicopter

Monday 8th November 2021

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  • Savback Helicopters and GHT close to ‘unveiling’ evolved ultralight helicopter

Sweden’s Savback Helicopters and Italy’s GHT are working together on a unique product that will excite the worlds of ultralight aircraft ownership and flying training. The family-owned companies are re-imagining the concept of the ultralight helicopter, taking automotive styling cues from the best Italy has to offer and combining them with Savback’s decades of rotary-wing experience.


Evolving out of an existing GHT line, the new aircraft echoes automotive trends with its streamlined bodywork and luxurious cabin finish, including leather from Ferrari’s own supplier. The result is a turbine-engined, go-anywhere flying machine featuring the latest avionics and wrapped in a striking, compact, high-performance package.


Equipped with full-authority digital engine control (FADEC), a system unique in its class, the new ultralight delivers turboshaft efficiency and reliability alongside performance including speed in excess of 100 knots (185km/h) and a 255 nautical mile (472km) range. Competitively priced among high-end, turbine-engined ultralight helicopters, the aircraft will be available to buy soon.


In the mould of the world’s most desirable sports cars, the helicopter’s two seats provide all the space a pilot and passenger need to explore freedom, with performance enough to leave the road behind and the reassurance of having advanced safety, communications and aircraft monitoring technology on board.


The aircraft represents a desirable step-up for owner pilots, and a tempting entry point to helicopter operations. Its owners will likely have a passion for fine products. They’ll appreciate the fusion of craftsmanship with sound engineering and travel not so much to arrive, as for the journey and the places they visit along the way.


Forthcoming additional safety enhancements will further elevate this new ultralight into a class of its own, increasing its desirability for private operators and creating an even more convincing case for flying training. It promises to make the best journeys better and take owners places they’ve already been, in ways they never imagined.


“Thanks to the collaboration with the Savback Helicopter Team, this new model has changed its Look and Design. Modifications have been made to the fuselage before, obtaining excellent visual and aerodynamic results, given the results obtained both in the wind tunnel and in flight tests. Changes have also been made to the interior design using the highest quality finishes, to create a very elegant and efficient cockpit.” GHT Founder and owner Grillo Claudio.


“The new model is a step-forward for next generation, easy and quick, personal and private mobility helicopters, our re-imagined vision will provide a next-generation experience that brings freedom of movement, security, low cost, high reliability and low consumption rate.”


Using the latest mechanical and avionics technologies, combined with the experience of proven and talented aeronautical designers, engineers and craftsmen, GHT has delivered the next-generation ultralight helicopters. Savback is proud and enthusiastic to be able to share this new technology with the world. Michael Savbäck, Founder and Head of Sales, Savback Helicopters AB.


“Thanks to Savback and GHT it is time to rise above and discover the freedom of flight, in a helicopter worth learning to fly for.”


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Savback Helicopters and GHT are gearing up to launch the newly evolved G250 Ultralight helicopter - featuring  new exterior styling and a host of other enhancements.



Editor’s notes


Savback Helicopters


Savback Helicopters is a revered name in the helicopter industry, having traded and marketed rotary wing aircraft for over 30 years. At its heart, Savback is a hands-on, family-owned business, supported by a talented team of specialists. It has global reach today but, is very proud of its Swedish heritage.


Building on long, established relationships with key manufacturers and Ultralight helicopter agencies, customer service continues to be its guiding principle as Savback realises new and exciting initiatives in helicopter transport.


GHT Helicopters


GHT Helicopters is part of the family-owned company GC Rotorsgroup, located in Aprilia, Italy where the extensive site facilities are dedicated to research, development and helicopter production.    The company benefits from a team of specialists in diverse fields whose driving force is to create vehicles that guarantee both security and freedom. GHT Helicopters demonstrates a continuous dedication to providing clients with the best products and the highest standard of technological innovation.




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