FAI dedicates Global Express to ultra-long-range air ambulance operations

Tuesday 21st September 2021

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  • FAI dedicates Global Express to ultra-long-range air ambulance operations

FAI rent-a-jet GmbH, Germany’s leading Special Mission Operator, has configured one of its seven Global Express aircraft (D-AFAM) as a dedicated air ambulance. The move follows increasing demand from the market for ultra-long-range air ambulance missions.  FAI has completed 10 ultra-long-range air ambulance missions over the past two months alone. The company is focused on building up its air ambulance capabilities in long and ultra-long-range missions with a view to strengthening its position as a world leader in the field.


Volker Lemke, Head of FAI’s Air Ambulance Division said:  “Over the past year, we have experienced a significant increase in demand for long and ultra-long-range air ambulance business on sorties from Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Equally, we have seen increased demand in the short and medium range repatriation air ambulance business. As a result, we are pleased to commit and dedicate one of our Global Express aircraft to air ambulance, which will enable us to be more agile and mission-ready within minutes.”


Previously, FAI converted the interior of the Global Express and configured it for air ambulance missions on a case-by-case basis.  In medevac use, the aircraft features up to three Spectrum Aeromed ICUs.


The Global’s non-stop range of 6000 nm enables transport of up to three intensive care patients in addition to FAI’s specially trained medical teams and co-travellers from the west coast of the US to Europe, the US east coast to the Middle East or from Europe to the Far East.


Award-winning FAI has been at the forefront of supporting the Covid pandemic response and earlier in the year  was honoured with the  Pandemic Response Special Award at the Middle East  Annual Aviation Achievement Awards. In 2020,  FAI had one of its busiest years ever for its air ambulance fleet owing to the pandemic.


This included medical evacuations of infected patients and repatriation flights of unaffected healthy individuals from all corners of the globe.  During this time,  FAI pioneered the roll-out of Covid-19 aeromedical transport capability, the EpiShuttle isolation pod. This enables self-contained oxygen and air ventilation directly to the patient, isolated from the cabin’s airflow.


The company is one of the world’s largest air ambulance jet operators by revenue. The 10-strong air ambulance fleet comprising Bombardier Global Express, Challenger 604 and Learjet 60 is based at FAI´s Headquarters at Albrecht Dürer International Airport in Nuremberg. It is supported by more than 200 full-time staff plus 50 part-time physicians, nurses and paramedics. The company also specialises in air support in hostile areas for the world´s largest NGO.



FAI's dedicated air ambulance, Global Express D-AFAM at its Nuremberg headquarters.


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About FAI Aviation Group:


FAI Aviation Group operates Germany´s largest fleet of Bombardier business jet which brings significant operational and cost benefits. In addition to the seven Global Express jets, FAI´s fleet includes one Challenger 850, six Challenger 604s, 9 Learjet 60s, together with one Premier 1A light jet.

FAI runs a 14,000 m² carbon-neutral fixed-base operation at its Nuremberg, Germany headquarters, employing a staff of 250 people, including 60 mechanics and engineers at its in-house MRO FAI Technik GmbH. FAI´s Group revenues in 2020 were close to € 100 m with a fleet utilization of more than 14.000 hours of airtime.


FAI was proud to receive the Diamond Safety of Flight Award from the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) in May 2018, marking the highest safety recognition awarded by EBAA to member companies operating business aircraft for 50 years or 100.000 hours without accident.


In 2019 FAI, FAI received a 10-year anniversary award from MEBAA, reflecting the fact that 20 % of FAI´s flying activity is now in the Middle East.


In 2020 FAI received the prestigious Award “Air Ambulance Company of the Year” from ITIJ Magazine.


In 2021, FAI was awarded the Pandemic Response Special Award in recognition of its response to the Covid-19 pandemic and in 2019 FAI was honoured with an Aviation Annual Achievement Award, in recognition of its 30 years of air ambulance and special mission flying.

FAI is an official supplier of McLaren Racing.


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