Pattonair secures aviation acquisition

Thursday 5th September 2019

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  • Wayne Hollinshead, CEO Pattonair

Globalaerospace and defence industry expert Pattonair has expanded its portfolio withthe acquisition of aircraft spares company Adams Aviation.

The agreement is the second move in the aerospace industry in the space of a month

by Pattonair, the Derby-based provider of innovative supply chain solutions to

the global aerospace market.

It follows the company’s $1.9bn merger with Wesco Aircraft Holdings, significantly

expanding its US presence and reinforcing its operations elsewhere in the


Both Pattonair and Croydon-based Adams have nearly 50 years of experience in each of

their respective industries, with Adams developing into a successful airframe,

avionic parts and accessories distributor in Europe.

The new agreement is seen as a mutually beneficial move for both companies, as

Pattonair CEO Wayne Hollinshead explained:

"At Pattonair we have a strong history in the aerospace industry and we are

delighted to be further strengthening our position in the market.

"This deal presents us with new opportunities for growth, with Adams currently

working with over 130 different product manufacturers across Europe.

"It also gives Adams significant opportunities to grow into both Asia and North

America, given our wide presence in these regions.”

The acquisition will see the aircraft spares specialist introduce its large network

of more than 2,000 private air customers to the Pattonair portfolio.

This includes clients such as flying schools, light aircraft manufacturers and

private aircraft owners, with Adams supplying products such as pilot equipment,

batteries, wheels and brakes from leading industry manufacturers.

As well as bringing new customers to the table, the acquisition will also benefit

Pattonair from a strategic point of view.

Its merger with US-based Wesco Aircraft Holdings earlier this month has further

solidified Pattonair’s leading position in the global aerospace market.

Wayne added: "Right now, we're riding a strong wave of momentum in the aerospace 
market, given our recent merger, and we’re hugely excited by the added potential 
Adams Aviation brings to our product portfolio.”

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