ConnectJets takes it green - New ConnectSkies focuses on sustainability in private jet charter and aircraft sales

Wednesday 22nd May 2019

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  • ConnectJets takes it green - New ConnectSkies focuses on sustainability in private jet charter and a
  • ConnectJets takes it green - New ConnectSkies focuses on sustainability in private jet charter and a

ConnectJets is marking its 10th anniversary this summer with the launch of a new division – ConnectSkies. the business aviation charter industry’s first independent ‘sustainable’ aircraft sales, marketing and logistics platform. 
With sustainability at the forefront of the industry and the world, especially among millennials, ConnectSkies will explore a range of options in all categories of air travel for environmentally-conscious clients who need to make their private aircraft bookings more compliant with their corporate responsibility.

Kicking off ConnectSkies is the business’s newly ratified agreement with VRCO, the Midlands, UK-designer of NeoXCraft  - a hyper luxury multi-modal electric craft. 

The XP2 - two-seater, emphasises safety, but with significant attention given to a spacious interior and high performance.  The NeoXCraft XP2 is an all-new electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft, designed to transform urban and rural mobility and take the stress off congested motorways, flying for up to 60 minutes.  

With electric motors in shrouded propellers, the NeoXCraft,offers computer supported flight.   It can also launch and land from water.  

“The introduction of e-VTOL’s, complementing current sustainable business aviation turboprop aircraft such as the Piaggio Avanti EVO and other electric aircraft will empower the private jet traveller to make informed decisions. 

The NeoXCraft pledges a seamless transition from more remote locations and airfields, and offers a true point to point service whilst consciously retaining a lower CO2 offset,” said ConnectJets founder and Managing Director Gabriella Somerville.

She added: “ConnectJets has built its reputation with a focus on tailored services. Together with our wide network of contacts in the business aviation and luxury sector, this has enabled us to provide alternate options to our clients, bringing private aviation to a wider audience. With increased demand for the Avanti EVO and a raft of aircraft that promise more sustainable and cleaner travel, ConnectSkies is excited to build a platform wholly focused on sustainability.” 

ConnectJets was a guest at last weekend’s Sustainable Alternative Jet Fuel (SAJF) event at TAG Farnborough Airport, organised by EBAA and the SAJF Coalition.   Praising the initiative, she noted: “As a sector we need to adapt and take roles as leaders in the aviation industry, demonstrating to future generations that we are all actively looking to create cleaner skies and lower our emission output.”

“We are truly entering the age of AirVolution™ and electrification of the skies will play a big part in improving lives and reducing our carbon footprint globally. The XP2 is fully equipped to recharge from solar energy, thus making it essentially powered from the sun.  VRCO is pleased to be a leading innovator in the sector and we are delighted to be teaming with ConnectJets to realise our goal,” commented  VRCO Chairman Michael Smith. 

As the sales agent and ambassador for the Piaggio Avanti and successor new-generation EVO since 2014, ConnectJets understands the eco credentials and importance of sustainability within the private aviation sector and to support client CSR.

The Avanti EVO was one of a dozen business aircraft that flew in to EBACE Geneva on alternative blended fuel. The twin turboprop EVO delivers a 40% reduction in fuel burn compared with a jet within the same light-class category, saving valuable resources and finances for owners and operators.

“ConnectJets are looking forward to conversing with all the current business aircraft OEMs, e-VTOLs and electric craft manufacturers in aviation to help champion cleaner skies for the future.  Anyone interested in learning more about ConnectSkies should get in touch with us,” Gabriella said.

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