Thursday 5th April 2018

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•    Leading private jet charter business Victor, in collaboration with Air BP, launches carbon-offset programme for private flying in Europe

•    Opportunity for aircraft operators to get ahead of the curve and take action on emissions with CORSIA deadlines on horizon

•    Supported by BP Target Neutral, a well established offset programme that invests in carbon reduction projects around the world and improves livelihoods

•    Victor's ambition is to use carbon neutral fuel for 100% of flights by 2020

Leading private jet charter marketplace Victor, in collaboration with Air BP and BP Target Neutral, has officially opened its carbon offset programme to operators and customers following a trial phase which began late last year. The programme aims to put the company, and participating aircraft operators, ahead of the curve in terms of meeting important industry deadlines around reduced environmental impact.

Over half of Victor and Air BP's 20 biggest operator customers have already signed up to the initiative, which is successfully transitioning to a fully-fledged industry programme seeking further expansion throughout 2018. The volume of charter booked through Victor's platform by operators signed up to the carbon offset programme has grown an additional 46% this year (year-on-year) versus standard operator bookings. Over three quarters of Victor's customers (78%) opted into the scheme have received quotes for flights where carbon emissions for the fuel used will be offset. Among the early adopters to endorse the initiative is Austria's GlobeAir, the world's largest Cessna Citation Mustang operator.

According to CORSIA, the International Civil Aviation Organization's global scheme for carbon offsetting and reduction, aircraft operators will need to purchase offsets for their growth in CO2 emissions above 2020 levels. That scheme launches with a voluntary period, 2021-2026, after which it becomes mandatory. Various industry bodies within business and general aviation have acknowledged specific ICAO targets to try and achieve carbon neutral growth by 2020, make 2% improvements in fuel efficiency (on average per year) between now and 2020, and ensure a 50% cut in total emissions by 2050, relative to 2015. By launching their carbon offset programme now, Victor and Air BP will ensure that a significant number of industry stakeholders are well positioned, and supported, to proactively help meet these crucial environmental targets. In turn, Victor's ambition is to use carbon neutral fuel for 100% of flights by 2020.

Having carbon emissions offset is conditional on participating operators using Air BP fuel for Victor bookings, wherever feasible. Eligible flights are transparently flagged on Victor's digital marketplace and flyers will have a record of carbon credits added to a digital flight log that customers can access on a quarterly basis. These credits - at no extra cost to Victor customers - guarantee that carbon emissions for the fuel used on eligible flights are offset through investment in eight global BP Target Neutral carbon reduction projects around the world.

BP Target Neutral's global portfolio includes a variety of offset projects ranging from the installation of hydropower plants in rural China to biogas initiatives in Karnataka, India. All the projects are selected by an independent forum, independently verified and monitored in line with the ICROA (International Carbon Reduction & Offset Alliance) Code of Best Practice. The projects are chosen based on their contribution to UN Sustainable Development Goals, which includes their contribution to reducing carbon emissions and improving livelihoods for the communities they are based in through various educative, economic and social benefits.

Mike Ryan, Co-Founder & Head of Supply, Victor, says: "Victor continues to set an agenda for positive change across the private aviation industry. This programme, in collaboration with Air BP and BP Target Neutral, offers an instant opportunity for operators to advance their carbon reduction plans ahead of several crucial industry deadlines, whilst further validating the role of private aviation to the customer as a driver for global economic, social and cultural development. This is an important stepping stone in the journey towards a truly low carbon future."

Irene Lores, General Aviation Sales and Marketing Director, Air BP says: "At BP, we are striving to help the world address the dual challenge of meeting its need for more energy, while at the same time reducing carbon emissions. By collaborating with Victor in this new offset programme we are also supporting our operator customer base in the transition to a lower carbon future."

Bernhard Fragner, CEO & Founder, GlobeAir, says: "We are extremely pleased to have joined Victor and Air BP's carbon offset initiative. This gives GlobeAir an excellent platform to build on work it has done to adopt new navigation technologies that reduce fuel consumption and emissions. The initiative allows us to fully track our progress, too, and explore ways to keep enhancing it."

Victor, a subsidiary business of the newly-formed Alyssum Group, will initially operate its carbon offset programme, in collaboration with Air BP and BP Target Neutral, in the UK and Europe. More information, including details on how to sign up, can be found at

About Victor

Victor, part of the Alyssum Group, is a leading on-demand jet charter platform. Launched in 2011, the company has rewritten the jet charter rulebook with a fully-transparent, subscription-free, globally 'on-demand' marketplace allowing members to swiftly check pricing options and aircraft specifics before booking the flights they need. Victor's unique combination of smart technology and exceptional 'high touch' customer service, means that its B2C and B2B customers - with access to thousands of aircraft via a global network of over 200 partner operators - are always connected and in control.

Raising $38m in Series B funding over the past six months - including key institutional investments from BP Ventures and BBA Aviation - Victor continues to expand rapidly. The company has made the Sunday Times Tech Track 100 for the last three years, and the Deloitte UK Tech Fast 50 for the past two (an 'Internet' category winner in 2016). It is currently ranked 113th in FT 1000 list of Europe's fastest-growing companies.

Victor's recent fundraising has also paved the way for the creation of Alyssum Group, under which it now sits as a subsidiary business alongside leading aviation services business RocketRoute. Through major investment and acquisition Alyssum Group will create a connected digital marketplace servicing the entire aviation community - customers, operators, brokers and suppliers. This long-term commitment to consolidation and innovation can help dramatically raise business standards across the industry, and accelerate market growth that benefits all.

About Air BP

As the aviation division of BP, Air BP is one of the world's leading suppliers of aviation fuel products and services. We have been investing in the aviation industry for over 90 years and currently supply around six and a half billion gallons of aviation fuel a year. We fuel over 6,000 flights a day, at around 900 locations in more than 50 countries - that's more than four every minute. Our customers include commercial airlines, the military, business and private aircraft owners, airports and airfield operators.

Air BP's services include the design, build and operation of fuelling facilities; technical consultancy and training; supporting customers to meet their lower carbon goals through environmental solutions; the Sterling Card for efficient general aviation refuelling; and innovative digital platforms to increase efficiency and reduce risk.

For details of all the locations served by Air BP go to

About BP Target Neutral

BP Target Neutral is managed by BP and not run for profit- BP covers BP Target Neutral's operating costs. BP Target Neutral's work is overseen by an independent Advisory & Assurance Panel of prominent environmental and industry experts. The Panel ensures that activities conform to best practice in carbon management, and where possible will seek to set new standards for that best practice.

Members of the BP Target Neutral Advisory & Assurance Panel include Mark Kenber, former CEO of the Climate Group, Mike Barry, Director of Plan A, M&S, Rita Clifton, CBE, Peter Wheeler of The Nature Conservancy and Sir Tim Smit, Co-Founder Eden Project.

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About GlobeAir

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Austria, GlobeAir takes pride in being the first mover in the Air Taxi sector in Europe, and among the fastest growing private jet charter operators. With the world´s largest fleet of modern Citation Mustang jets, 16 aircraft, GlobeAir offers the finest air charter solution for the modern traveller by ensuring direct access to those airports typically inaccessible to commercial airlines and larger private jets, with greater flexibility and premium quality service. In today's fast pace environment, GlobeAir is focused on providing time-saving flight solutions aimed at increasing business productivity and efficiency. The term "Air Taxi" illustrates perfectly the core business of GlobeAir and the advantages of flying with private jet on-demand in Europe, with very short notice and being in complete control of your own schedule. GlobeAir offers charter flights at competitive fares, making any business and private travel truly efficient. GlobeAir is certified for landing in more than 1,500 airports across Europe, including those typically out of the reach of traditional airlines and larger private jets.


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