Air BP's Australian fuelling operations certified carbon neutral as it meets the National Carbon Offset Standard

Thursday 15th March 2018

  • Air BP
  • Air BP certified carbon neutral service refuels an aircraft at Adeleide airport

Air BP reinforces its environmental credentials with the NCOS standard.

NCOS standard will enable Air BP to use the certification trade mark in Australia.

Air BP, the international aviation fuel products and service supplier, has further reinforced its environmental credentials by achieving carbon neutral certification for the refuelling services of its 70-strong Australian fuelling operations, in line with the Australian National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS).
The accreditation gives Air BP licence to use the NCOS certification trade mark in Australia in relation to its refuelling operations. It also means that Air BP can participate in the NCOS Carbon Neutral Network, a growing network of leaders in carbon management in Australia.
Commenting on the news, Alan Wilson, Managing Director, Air BP Asia Pacific said: "We are very pleased to receive this accreditation in Australia. It highlights our commitment to our environmental strategy and the wider industry's carbon reduction goals. This is good news for Air BP in Australia and good news for the environment. We anticipate that our customers will welcome the news too."
Air BP's carbon neutrality for into aircraft refuelling operations involves quantifying greenhouse gas emissions at Air BP operated locations from the point at which fuel is delivered to onsite airport storage facilities, to the sale of fuel 'at the aircraft wing tip'. Air BP then uses various methods to reduce emissions in its operations. Carbon credits are purchased by BP's not-for-profit carbon offset business, BP Target Neutral, which invests in low carbon development projects around the world, to offset the remaining emissions.
The NCOS is a voluntary industry standard designed to manage greenhouse gas emissions and to achieve carbon neutrality. It provides best-practice guidance on how to measure, reduce, offset, report and audit emissions.

About Air BP

As the aviation division of BP, Air BP is one of the world's leading suppliers of aviation fuel products and services. We have been investing in the aviation industry for over 90 years and currently supply around six and a half billion gallons of aviation fuel a year. We fuel over 6,000 flights a day, at around 850 locations in more than 50 countries - that's more than four every minute. Our customers include commercial airlines, the military, business and private aircraft owners, airports and airfield operators.

Air BP's services include the design, build and operation of fueling facilities, technical consultancy and training, supporting customers to meet their lower carbon goals through environmental solutions, the Sterling Card for efficient general aviation refueling and innovative digital platforms to increase efficiency and reduce risk.

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