Osprey Flight Solutions to deliver risk analysis on routes, airports on RocketRoute's new marketplace platform.

Tuesday 10th October 2017

  • Osprey Solutions
  • Bruce Norfolk, Osprey Flight Solutions, VP Sales Steve Woods and Andrew Nicholson CEO, Osprey Flight

Osprey Flight Solutions, a new name in global aviation security, is pleased to announce its unique technology will be accessible from year end on the expanding RocketRoute Marketplace app.

Confirming the collaboration at NBAA this week in Las Vegas, (RocketRoute/Air BP Booth C10835) Osprey Flight Solutions' expertise will contribute end-to-end flight risk assessments and airport, country and overflight risk assessments at over 20,000 airports worldwide.  Analysis and reports will be seamlessly integrated with RocketRoute's flight planning software, delivering instantaneous, intuitive, visual and written risk assessments directly to the operator as needed, and affording intelligent operational decision-making.

The addition of Osprey Flight Solutions to the RocketRoute platform furthers RocketRoute's vision to support specialist vendors that bring a valued contribution in the industry. "Our overriding objective with Marketplace, launched last year, is to make it easier for customers to connect with their preferred suppliers, order services and simplify their operations," said Vice President Sales and Vendor Relations Steve Woods.

"In an ever more uncertain world it is essential that pilots and aircraft operators have ready access to reliable and up to date security and operational information from which they can make key operational decisions. Once delivered, our ingratiation with Osprey will see our flight planning customers being offered direct access to Osprey's briefings during their flight preparation.

"RocketRoute customers will be able to purchase briefings as and when they need them, as well as providing users of the RocketRoute Marketplace the opportunity to purchase briefings across both web and mobile (iOS & Android) platforms," he added.

The agreement was ratified with Osprey CEO Andrew Nicholson, formerly head of aviation security at MedAire, who is at NBAA this week in his new role.

"We are delighted to become a collaborative partner with RocketRoute, a truly independent technology platform which is making life simpler for its customers by bundling expertise up into one useful app. This integration is a major step in our goal to make it as easy as possible for operators, operationally and commercially, to access the very best analysis in order to meet the clear need for a fully inclusive risk management system for the aviation industry, that does not burden hard-working operators.


Osprey Flight Solutions is headed by Andrew Nicholson, former Global Security Director and head of aviation security at MedAire. Andrew has been championing for a holistic risk assessment that covers all airspace, not just conflict zones, for several years. He has garnered an expert team of aviation, technical and risk management professionals from across the globe and brought together an advisory group of clients who are now beta testing the solution.

The proprietary airspace risk assessment methodology evaluates a combination of 20 aviation security, operational and safety criteria via qualitative and quantitative measures.

The pioneering technology ensures the world is scanned 24/7 for incidents and events that impact the aviation security environment.  This builds Osprey's database of over 165,000 events at time of publishing, relating to 22 separate event categories which have the potential to negatively impact flight operations, including Missile Launch, Lasing Event, Weapons Cache and Trafficking, GPS interference, Airport Attacks and UAV Events. 


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