Business aviation expert Brendan Lodge launches AviaLodgic consultancy

Tuesday 23rd May 2017

Brendan Lodge an experienced aircraft sales broker and financier has launched AviaLodgic, a new independent consultancy for aircraft owners and buyers.

AviaLodgic's expertise will be to manage all aspects of aircraft sales and purchasing for buyers and sellers - including marketing and sourcing of the right aircraft for the mission profile within the specified budget, valuations and technical inspections, advising on financing and aircraft management and operations.

AviaLodgic will also work for banks, leasing companies and other financial institutions supporting all aspects of the credit process and the subsequent critical asset management of portfolios, as well as advice and services in the event that repossession is the only option.

 Brendan Lodge has a 15 year career in business aviation.  Firstly, as an asset financier and banker arranging business aircraft finance, then seven years as an aircraft broker. He has been involved in numerous aircraft deals. 

"AviaLodgic can help buyers and sellers with all aspects of the transaction - including finding the best people to advise them on particular issues," says Lodge. "In theory transactions look simple, but every deal is unique and this is why experience is vital - AviaLodgic wants owners and buyers to know that they have an expert overseeing their transaction for them."

"Liaising and co-ordinating with professional partners in the industry my objective is to build a multi-faceted consultancy where we can advise on the right aircraft, the right operator through to selling the aircraft eventually," says Lodge. "These are high-value assets so deals will always be complex, but the aim of AviaLodgic is to simplify and take the risk out of the process for buyer, sellers, lenders and investors - so they can concentrate on what is important for them."

Lodge will be attending the EBACE Convention in Geneva this week. He is also well known in Europe as the founder and organiser of the Aviation Supper Club and was a past president of CEPA - the Central European Private Aviation Association.


Contact: Brendan Lodge

Private Aviation Consultant

AviaLodgic, Farnborough Airport Office

T: +44 (0) 1252 526272 (Farnborough Airport)

M: +44 (0) 7735 008465


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