FltCtrl launches organisational tools to enhance productivity for aviation companies

Monday 12th December 2016

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FltCtrl, the London-based aviation IT solutions company has officially launched two powerful new cloud-based tools to enhance efficiency and productivity for aviation companies - FltCtrl and FltCheck. Both tools have been designed to help streamline work flow.

FltCtrl has been designed specifically for business aviation flight operations teams to make the complexity of the flight operations process easy, transparent and more productive. Using the latest technology, FltCtrl offers a unified and easy to manage communications platform where all relevant data is in one place resulting in greater control over the assignment and tracking of tasks. Importantly, team members can be kept up to date with each new decision so they can see who is doing what and when. The result is a more efficient process, offering a greater degree of accuracy, enhanced communication and time savings.

The core features of the tool are specifically designed to provide a solution to each of the areas that flight operations teams find challenging: Flight Coordination removes the need for repetition in that flight data need only be entered once using pre-set templates; Shared Inbox enables users to track and mange emails in a central location, in real time so that they can keep clients appraised of the very latest trip details; Users can also view Shared Contacts in a central location so that they can see who, what and when things are needed and Operation Whiteboard enables users to view a list of active, completed and overdue milestones making further assignments and the tracking of tasks easy.

The company's second new product, FltCheck, is a cloud-based app to help aviation companies keep track of important tasks and checklists on the go. Aviation companies can create a checklist template and track its progress in real time including who is doing what and when - and even be reminded if they miss something. Most importantly, team members can collaborate at the same time to get things done faster and easier.

Both tools offer encrypted real time synchronization for secure 24/7 access for use on an iPhone and iPad or via the web. Commenting on the new tools, Issam Sultan, Managing Director said:  "We have been working hard with our team of technical experts over the past 12 months. With their expertise, led by our Chief Technical Officer, Kamil Kuzma, we have developed two tools that we believe aviation companies will find highly useful and appealing. We have learnt a lot in the process and are proud to now officially launch our two new products. They both offer a refreshing solution to a data management problem faced by many aviation companies both of which are simple, secure and easy to use. They work well across a range of devices and initial feedback has been very good. We hope our customers will get real benefit from them."

Both FltCtrl and FltCheck are immediately available via subscription. FltCheck subscriptions start at 5 USD per month for one user (based on an annual subscription). The FltCheck app is available from the Apple store for iPhones and iPads and can be accessed via the web at fltcheck.com. In a special introductory promotion, the FltCheck app is currently being offered on a free 14 day trial basis.

FltCtrl offers 24/7 dedicated technical to customers for both products across all times zones.

About FltCtrl

Launched in November 2015, FltCtrl is headquartered in London. It is led by Managing Director Issam Sultan. Combined, the company's team of professionals has over 40 years of aviation industry experience. FltCtrl specialises in developing aviation IT solutions to the aviation industry which are designed to streamline the workflow process. It is currently marketing two new products FltCtrl and FltCheck.


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