FAI adds four aircraft to fleet making it Germany's largest business jet operator.

Monday 13th June 2016

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  • FAI

German company FAI Asset Management GmbH has announced the acquisition of four Bombardier aircraft from an undisclosed vendor. The two Global Express models, and two Learjet 60 aircraft, will be leased from FAI Asset Management GmbH to the FAI Aviation Group.  This makes FAI Aviation Group the largest business jet operator in Germany with a total of 20 jets operating on the FAI AOC, and a Premiere 1A on FAI owned, Fly Alpha´s AOC.

The Learjet aircraft have already begun to support FAI's successful air ambulance business flying international medevac missions, whilst the Global Express models will be inducted into the fleet in the third quarter of 2016. They will fulfill multi-purpose roles offering VIP charters, air ambulance configuration, or a combination of the two depending on the mission requirement.

The fleet now consists of 20 Bombardier jet aircraft operated by FAI Aviation Group and includes three Global Express, five Challenger 604s, nine Learjet 60, two Learjet 55 and one Learjet 35. FAI has taken a leading position in the German Business Aviation sector. According to FAI's Chairman and owner Siegfried Axtmann the company is expecting a utilization of close to 14,000 hours of airtime which combined will generate revenues exceeding €85m by the end of 2016. FAI´s sister company Fly Alpha operates two aircraft (Premier 1a and King Air 350) on behalf of corporate owners.

"It´s a good feeling to be the largest business jet operator in Germany at a time when consolidation seems to be prevalent. With this in mind our primary goal is to continue to be one of the most profitable business jet operators in Europe and so far this year it is looking like we will achieve this again", added Axtmann.

FAI is a niche operator specialized in worldwide patient transport by air ambulance, as well logistic flight support for NGOs in hostile areas. All of the aircraft are based at the company's home base of Albrecht Dürer Airport in Nuremberg, Germany and maintained by FAI Technik. The additional aircraft also serve to strengthen the company's position as one of Europe's largest Bombardier operators, which brings significant operational and cost benefits.

About FAI:

FAI is Germany's largest operator in General Aviation by fleet utilization, having operated more than 13,000 hours of flight time in 2015; FAI operates the largest business jet fleet in Germany incorporating 20 jet aircraft including three Bombardier Global Express, five Bombardier Challenger 604, nine Bombardier Learjet 60, two Bombardier Learjet 55 and a single Bombardier Learjet 35.

Headquartered at Albrecht Dürer International Airport in Nuremberg, Germany, it operates a 9,000 m² carbon neutral FBO which will be expanded by the end of 2016 by another 4,500 m².

FAI employs a full time staff of 180 people, including 60 mechanics and engineers at FAI´s in house MRO plus some 50 part time physicians and paramedics. FAI operates satellite offices in Dubai and Miami, as well as line stations in Baghdad, Kabul, Bamako and Dakar.


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