MAC Air Group launches new aircraft ownership program, QJet Shares

Monday 30th November 2015

  • Mac Air group
  • QJets to launch in January.

MAC Air Group, based in Portland, ME, has announced the launch of a brand new aircraft ownership program. Starting in early 2016, QJet Shares, with the Q standing for Quality, will be offering the opportunity to purchase shared ownership of one of six Hawker 1000 aircraft. Ownership of each aircraft will be limited to six individuals, or corporations, who demonstrate similar travel profiles. QJet Shares will reduce the hourly rate of flying to $2,850 per hour.

The aircraft owners will be able to maximize all the benefits of owning an executive jet without the associated administrative and crew management responsibilities, as these will be managed by MAC Air Group. Maine Aviation Aircraft Maintenance, LLC will be responsible for the fleet's maintenance schedules, while Maine Aviation Aircraft Charter, LLC will manage and operate the aircraft.

The new program has been created in response to the high demand for efficient, flexible air transportation. Recognizing the need for passengers to personalize their air travel requirements owners will also benefit from "Trip Share" which allows owners to share aircraft with other owners, splitting the hours between them to maximize their annual hourly allowance. If owners are unable to maximize their 100 hours, "Trip Share" offsets the empty leg hours by offering them out to charter.

"Through our charter business, we have noted an ever increasing demand from clients with a similar profile, wanting to travel on similar routes. This new program, with its low acquisition fee, gives passengers the opportunity to benefit from the efficiencies of private jet ownership but without the associated administrative burdens and staffing aspects normally associated with ownership. We believe the program will reduce the cost of flying up to 30% when compared to other similar executive aviation fractional ownership offerings," explains Allyn Caruso President of Mac Air Group.

The refurbishment and overhaul of the Hawker 1000 aircraft will be undertaken with MAC Air Group's trade partners. The contemporary interior will feature capacity and seating for nine passengers, wi-fi connectivity, full flight tracking technology, extra baggage capacity, and luxury finishes. On completion, three of the Platinum Edition Hawker 1000 models will be based in Florida, and three in the north-eastern states. "We intend to split the fleet to best serve the most popular routes which we anticipate will be between Florida and New York and New England," adds Caruso. "Positioning the aircraft at these locations means we can optimize their usage and provide best value for our owners," he adds.

About MAC Air Group

Brothers Joe and Tom Caruso founded Bar Harbor Airways in 1947, and then in 1959, Joe Caruso moved his family to Portland, where he established Maine Aviation Corporation. Allyn "AJ" Caruso, Joe's son, now runs Maine Aviation with his wife, Alysan, General Manager, and their son Travis is the company's Vice President of Maintenance.

The company offers aircraft management, maintenance, charter, aircraft sales and shared ownership programs. It prides itself on an excellent reputation for exceptional standards of safety reliability and professionalism.

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