Flying Colours close to achieving ADS-B STC on Bombardier Challenger 604/605 in response to industry mandates.

Thursday 30th July 2015

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  • C-605

Flying Colours KSUS, the St Louis, USA, sister facility of Canada's completions, refurbishment and maintenance specialist Flying Colours,  is close to securing a Supplemental Type Certificate for ADS-B OUT in Bombardier Challenger 604 and 605 airframes, in line with industry mandates that start coming into effect in 2017.   The Bombardier Challenger 604 and 605 models were selected as the first for installation as it is one of the most consistent airframes in the Flying Colours' portfolio.

Automatic Dependent Surveillance - OUT (ADS-B OUT) enables the aircraft to report highly accurate position and status information to air traffic control, replacing the need for traditional radar.

Flying Colours expects to have the accreditation validated by both Transport Canada and Europe's EASA following FAA approval this autumn, the culmination of a full 12 months' work by the St Louis team.  The first Challenger 605 to be modified in accordance with the STC will be introduced this September, enabling Flying Colours to start taking orders for the solution during the NBAA Convention in Las Vegas the following month.    It is also looking to expand into additional business aircraft models - the Challenger 300 Series being the most likely next type.

EASA has mandated that by December 7, 2017, all aircraft with a maximum certified take off weight exceeding 5,700kg or having a maximum cruise airspeed capability greater than 250 kts, be ADS-B OUT (DO-260B) compliant.  According to FAA rules, any aircraft that flies in airspace that currently requires a Mode C transponder will require ADS-B OUT capability by 2020.

We have invested considerably in our internal avionics, sales and engineering teams in conjunction with outside engineering resources to develop this solution," commented Flying Colours Director of Sales Kevin Kliethermes.  "Our STC requires minimal downtime for installation and fully meets the mandate requirements for DO-260B compliance.  By using a dual architecture design and proven interface technology, the solution will also provide for increased dispatch reliability, which is vitally important to our client base. "

The STC will be available for installation at all Flying Colours facilities upon issuance.

About Flying Colours Corp:

Flying Colours Corp is an Aviation Services company with facilities in Canada, USA, & Singapore. Flying Colours brings its over 25 years of experience and international outlook to every facet of its business with primary focus in Green Completions, Interior Refurbishment & Modifications, Heavy Maintenance, Exterior Paint, Special Mission Modifications, and Avionics Installations. Flying Colours is a Bombardier Authorized Service Facility, Beechcraft Authorized Service Center, and Bombardier Preferred Completion Center.

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