Upcast AvBooks iPad Apps Cover All Business Aircraft Categories, Available as Bundle

Thursday 20th November 2014

  • Upcast Apps Business Information Systems.

Upcast, the digital publishing company, has announced the launch of its PropBook app, completing the lineup of four interactive iPad catalogues dealing with all categories of business aircraft: jets, helicopters, turboprops, and piston airplanes.

The apps allow users to browse through beautiful aircraft photographs, look up verified data, compare specs, cross-sections, and operating costs. A key distinction of the apps is a unique interactive range map feature to quickly see the ranges of up to 6 fully-loaded or empty aircraft from over 300 cities worldwide.

The apps are frequently updated with new features, information, and additional aircraft. The total database currently lists over 160 models, in and out of production and in development. According to customer testimonials, they have proven to be an easy-to-use source of accurate data, a great presentation tool to show different aircraft to customers, and an elegant mobile alternative to paper brochures and online tools.

"There are many advantages to using our AvBooks series over other digital products and especially paper presentations," says publisher Ivan Veretennikov. "They are right there on your iPad and don't need an internet connection so you can access all the data at all times. You can quickly compare different aircraft and choose the ones that suit your mission. And what's important, it's good-looking and appeals to this industry, which is focussed on getting things done in style. After all, business aviation is not just a tool, for many it's a lifestyle too. Why shouldn't browsing or presenting aircraft be a pleasant experience?"

The Upcast AvBooks apps are now available as a bundle with a significant saving. The bundle and more information is available on the App Store at:


For further inquiries, please contact Upcast at info@upcast.pro

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