Air Race F1 launches Inaugural international air race in Lleida, Catalunya Spain.

Thursday 20th February 2014

  • Air Race F1
  • Air Race F1 launches in Lleida Catalunya. Spain

London and Spain-based international air race organisers Air Race F1 has today announced the launch of a new series of international Formula 1 Class air racing competitions. The first event will take place at Lleida-AlguaireAirport, near Barcelona in Spain, on 1st June when it will showcase the skills of the world's premier Formula 1 air racing pilots and their high-performance planes.  This inaugural race will be the platform to launch a full annual world series of Air Race F1 events in 2015.

Air Race F1 is the only international pylon air race series where eight airplanes compete directly against each other at speeds of over 400kph (over 250mph) on an end to end circuit of just two kilometres with the first aircraft across the finishing line winning.  The organisers are highly regarded industry-leading experts who work hard to ensure the race is both safe and successful for all involved. For this event the national F1 air racing associations of the USA, the UK and France have confirmed the provision of experienced pilots - men and women, old and young - who come from many different countries and who all have a level of skill and experience that ensures a safe event.

The Formula 1 class of air racing has been established for almost 70 years and, like other motorsport classes, the planes are specifically engineered to strict parameters.  Formula 1 planes are the only airplane class purpose-built specifically for air racing.  Pilots and mechanics teams build and modify the planes themselves within the criteria of the rules which dictate a minimum wing area of 66 square feet, an empty weight of 500 pounds and a 100 horsepower engine.

The forthcoming Lleida Air Race F1 event will consist of eight teams racing together over 10 five-kilometre laps with at least three races each day.   More information about the air race schedule and the full list of Air Show entertainment to take place alongside the air race will be announced soon.

Jeff Zaltman, CEO of Air Race F1, commented:  "We are thrilled to announce the launch of this Formula 1 air race and the future Air Race F1 World Series.  This is a big step for the sport of air racing and we are proud to be hosting the event in conjunction with the beautiful tourist city of Lleida.  We are particularly delighted by our strong partnership with the new international Lleida-Alguaire Airport, the Formula 1 air racing associations and our local organizer, the Aeroclub Barcelona-Sabadell.  This momentous event will enthuse and inspire many thousands of live spectators and television audiences!"

Ramon Farré Roure, the Lleida Delegate to the Government of Catalunya, said: "Lleida is a growing tourist destination perfectly situated to enjoy a wide range of winter and summer activities.  Now we are pleased to add another exciting attraction to our country's calendar.  Our association with Air Race F1 will help raise the international profile of our city and highlight the travel services our new international airport has to offer. We look forward to developing this relationship with Air Race F1."

About Air Race F1:  Air Race F1, based in London and Spain, has a team with many years of experience in organizing international air races and aerobatic competitions. The management team previously founded Flying Aces Ltd which organizes the Aero GP, the leading international pylon race, and other events including the 25th FAI World Aerobatic Championships held at Silverstone Race Circuit which set a new standard in air sports championships. The Air Race F1 management team was also a pioneer in air sports media development having filmed about 70 world title events in air sports.

The sleek Formula 1 airplanes in Air Race F1 carry only the pilot. The Formula 1 airplanes, often based on the classic Cassutt, are a defined class which sets strict parameters regarding wing area, engine size and other characteristics of the design. This means that all pilots are competing on even terms and pilot skill will win the day. Formula 1 teams have many support crew and engineers on the ground. They have strict safety standards and eligibility minima for the pilots and aircraft.

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