APOA continues to raise international Flight Attendant standards through new partnership with sajet solutions.

Wednesday 27th November 2013

Elite London-based in-flight caterer, APOA, has developed a new training offering in association with US-based aviation business sajet solutions. The new partnership provides APOA with a greater variety of training options to offer clients in terms of food handling and safety and will add value to the existing free training APOA provides to Flight Attendants. sajet solutions focuses on training, consulting and program development for business aviation crew members and corporate flight departments through the provision of a variety of soft skills training services in the catering, safety, project consulting sectors. The new partnership aims to support and enhance the clients' careers and business.

In addition, as APOA continues to expand its portfolio of clients from large US corporations, the new partnership will enable APOA to build a stronger brand footprint in the North Americas by having its unique Flight Attendant training combined with the sajet solutions offering.

"Our Flight Attendant training is a modular programme which allows us to bolt it on to external training company offerings. Quite often the combination will result in a tailored course that provides the client with content dedicated to their particular needs eg Food-handling on a multi-leg route, or fine cuisine handling for BBJ type customers.  Occasionally we find we are missing a key essential item so by partnering with sajet solutions and other international training companies we know we can provide exactly what the client needs," said Daniel Hulme MD of APOA about the new partnership.

Hulme is the Vice Chair of the European Corporate Flight Attendant Committee (ECFAC) which is where the partnership with sajet solutions originated. Scott Arnold, President of sajet solutions was a founder of the EU committee during his term as Chair of the NBAA Flight Attendants Committee. The European committee quickly established that training of all sorts is essential to raise the standard of food handling, culinary skills and on board service. Hulme's aim, in association with sajet solutions amongst others, is to create a culinary programme that will be globally available for Flight Attendants as well as on offer to aviation catering companies and corporate flight departments.

Looking to the future Hulme is hoping to partner with other training companies on a global basis with the goal of harmonising Flight Attendant service standards. Together sajet solutions and APOA are developing a longer course which will result in the participant being awarded an internationally recognised Hygiene Certificate and APOA completion of course certificate. "We are hoping the levels we train to will become the benchmark that all those entering the industry will wish to achieve. It will raise their standards, enhance their skill set and will demonstrate to prospective employers that they have undertaken relevant training to enhance their career," says Hulme.

APOA has always offered Flight Attendants complementary culinary courses to improve food handling and presentation skills and has now trained some 150 attendants since launch in May 2011. The new partnership enables APOA to offer a wider variety of training programmes. "Our main focus is to enhance and support the development of skills and knowledge within the Flight Attendant and Cabin Crew community. This in turn will improve the passenger experience so it is good for the industry all round," states Hulme about the significance of the training offering. The joint courses with sajet solutions will take place in the London facilities of APOA, sajet solutions USA facilities, corporate flight departments or other bespoke facilities tailored to the clients' needs.


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