Aviapages to host business aviation workshops in London and Moscow.

Monday 24th April 2017

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  • Yuri Dzan

The company will hold workshops to foster engagement within the business aviation community at Moscow's Volkhonka Mansion on 6th September 2017 and then at the iconic Museum of London on 17th October.

Yuri Dzun, Brand Developer Partner for Aviapages based in Milan, Italy, explains more about the workshops in the interview below.

How did Aviapages come up with the idea for these two workshops?

As a new company, we want to get our message out there, but rather than going for a big marketing campaign we decided that doing something different - something educational yet energetic - would be the best way to frame what we do within the industry.

Currently, we have about 10,000 visits to our website each month and we're continuing to grow in popularity, but we don't just want to be an online presence. We want to give our customers a chance to meet the passionate people behind the Aviapages platform and get feedback from them as to where they think the industry is heading because, ultimately, that will allow us to improve our business as well as the businesses of our clients.

What will be involved in the workshops?

The workshops will offer our guests an ideal platform to provide their own case study presentations on the workshop theme in a professional environment. Each case study will be followed by a Q&A session and then at the end there will be an opportunity for networking. Of course, we will also inform attendees about Aviapages' recent updates. We've hosted two similar events already and found that the format works really well.

What kind of people are you looking to attract at your workshops?

We're catering to a B2B audience in business aviation, but what we do is relevant to a wide range of people: operators, FBOs, brokers and people working in aircraft sales, to name a few.

In general, we're always looking at how to make flight operations more efficient and reduce costs, but for the London event we're going to concentrate on the passenger experience, because we believe this is still the principal factor for them when it comes to choosing a charter company or an FBO.

How many people will attend the workshops?

In London, we're expecting around 50 participants, but we'll look to expand this as our presence in the business aviation industry grows. For the Moscow workshop, we are expecting to host about 140 guests. Last year, we had 103 attendees there from cities including London, Munich, Moscow and others.

How will the workshop in London differ from the one in Moscow and visa versa?

Our business is much bigger in Moscow - we deal with 80% of the market there - so we'll be able to provide numerous case studies. In London, we'll be providing more of an overview of the European business aviation market and the discussion will be concentrated around design in business aviation, covering topics such as the latest trends in cabin interiors. Each region faces unique needs and challenges, and we're absolutely taking this into account in terms of the workshop content.

Why London?

We chose London as the destination for our second workshop because although we don't currently have an office there, we want to communicate to the business aviation market that we're committed to being involved with UK businesses in the long term. For the convenience of our guests, we are holding the event on the day before BACA's autumn lunch.

How do people register for the workshops?

Either contact me directly using the information below, or go to Aviapages' Facebook page to find out more.

About Aviapages

Launched in Dubai in 2013, Aviapages is an online information platform providing advanced tools and solutions designed for the worldwide business aviation market. It offers a valuable and reliable source of information through its Flight Route Calculator, Charter Catalogue, Charter Quotation service, Empty Legs Map and Weather Notification solution. The company operates from bases in Milan, Italy and Moscow.  Its IT unit is based in Kishinev, Moldova.


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